In order to make real changes in your body, whether it is increasing your overall strength, regaining a connection to your body after childbirth, recovering from an injury, or adding another element to your current exercise schedule, regular practice is necessary.  While taking a fitness class once or even twice a week is a great accomplishment amidst our busy lifestyles, our bodies are able to respond more quickly and effectively when we can check in and move them everyday.  This is where your Daily Body routine comes in!

My goal is to develop an exercise routine for you that is tailored to your body and fitness needs. In order to introduce a daily exercise routine into your life, you need the time and you need the routine! Through a series of private or semi-private sessions in your home, you will begin to learn exercises that you can do on your own.  Your personal routine will consist of just 2-3 exercises at first.  This not only allows the best possible chance of finding time to do it each day, but also allows you to be able to know your routine without having to reference a video or notes.  While you will always be given a written description of the exercises in your routine as a reference, the more you are able to memorize the routine, the easier it will be to seize the moment and workout when the opportunity presents itself.  Each time we meet, we will check in with your existing routine, add on to it and explore movements and concepts that will be needed as your routine expands.  

While it is ideal to be able to exercise every day, the reality is that life gets in the way sometimes.  Together we can figure out what your goals are and how to achieve them.  For example, maybe you will set a goal of doing your routine 5-6 days per week, giving yourself some leeway for other priorities or things that inevitably come up. Or as your routine gets longer, perhaps you will decide you can make time to do the full routine 3 days per week, while just doing your 5 minute check in on the other days.  Figuring out what time of day works for you is also important.  Whether it's first thing in the morning, when your child goes down for a nap, on a lunch break or while watching your favorite tv show, knowing when and how to structure a few extra minutes into your day will go a long way towards creating an exercise habit that can become a natural part of your life.  

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